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TM 55-1905-220-14-4
(1)  The blower bearings, timing gears, governor drive and fuel pump drive are pressure lubricated by oil
passages in the top deck of the cylinder block which lead from the main oil galleries to an oil passage in each
blower end plate.
(2)  A cup shaped oil strainer in the vertical oil passage at the bottom of each blower end plate removes
any foreign material in the lubricating oil. The oil flows upward in the end plate and leaves through a small
orifice just above the centerline of the end plate. The oil is ejected from this orifice against the timing gears at
the rear and the governor weights at the front of the blower and is then carried by splash to the bearings. Oil
which collects at the bottom of each end plate overflows into two drain passages which lead back to the
crankcase via oil passages in the cylinder block.
(3)  The blower drive support bearings receive oil under pressure from a tube which connects the oil
passage in the rear end plate to passages in the blower drive support. Excess oil drains back to the crankcase
by way of the gear train.


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