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TM 55-1905-220-14-4
a. Each connecting rod (trunk-type piston) is forged to an "I" section with a closed hub at the upper end
and a bearing cap at the lower end. The connecting rod is drilled to provide lubrication to the piston pin at the
upper end and is equipped with a nozzle to spray cooling oil to the underside of the piston head. An orifice is
pressed into a counterbore at the lower end of the oil passage to meter the flow of oil.
b. A helically-grooved bushing is pressed into each side of the connecting rod at the upper end. The cavity
between the inner ends of these bushings registers with the drilled oil passage in the connecting rod and forms
a duct around the piston pin. Oil entering this cavity lubricates the piston pin bushings and is forced out the
spray nozzle to oil the piston. The piston pin floats in the bushings of both the piston and connecting rod.
c. This paragraph also includes assembly of the piston onto a
connecting rod.


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