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TM 55-1905-220-14-4
a. The replaceable type cylinder liner is machined and heat treated to provide a long wearing scuff-
resistant surface. The flange at the top fits into a counterbore in the cylinder block and rests on a replaceable
cast iron insert which permits accurate alignment of he cylinder liner. Compression is sealed with an individual
laminated i compression gasket for each cylinder.
b. The liner is cooled by a water jacket in the cylinder block and by the scavenging air introduced into the
cylinder through the air inlet ports around the liner. These ports are machined at an angle to create a uniform
swirling motion to the air as it enters the cylinder. This motion persists throughout the compression stroke and
facilitates scavenging and combustion.
c. The wear on a liner and piston is directly related to the amount of abrasive dust and dirt introduced
into the engine combustion chamber through the air intake. This dust; combined with lubricating oil on the
cylinder wall, forms a lapping compound and will result in rapid wear. To avoid pulling contaminated air into
the cylinder, the air silencer must be serviced regularly.
d. This paragraph also includes installation of the piston and connecting rod assembly into the cylinder
liner. Next these components are installed in the engine.


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