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TM 55-1905-220-14-4
5. Check the clearance
between the main bear-
ings and the crank-
shaft journals. This
clearance may be de-
termined with the
crankshaft in place
by means of a soft
plastic measuring
strip which is
squeezed between the
journal and the bear-
ing, measure the
outside diameter of
the crankshaft main
bearing journals and
the inside diameter
of the main bearing
shells when installed
in place with the
proper torque on the
bearing cap bolts.
When installed, the
bearing shells are
.001 inch (0.0025 cm)
larger in diameter at
the parting line than
90rom the parting
The bearing shells do not form a true circle when not installed. When installed, the bearing shells have a
squeeze fit in the main bearing bore and must be tight when the bearing cap is drawn down. The crush assures
a tight, uniform contact between the bearing shell and bearing seat. Bearing shells that do not have sufficient
crush will not have uniform contact, as shown by shiny spots on the-back, and must be replaced. If the
clearance between any crankshaft journal and its bearing shells exceeds .0060 inch (0.0152 cm), all of the
bearing shells must be discarded and replaced. This clearance is .0016 to .0050 inch (0.0041 to 0.0127 cm)
with new parts.


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