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TM 55-1905-220-14-4
a.  When starting an internal combustion engine in cold weather, a large part of energy is absorbed by the
pistons, cylinder walls, coolant and in overcoming friction.
b.  Under extremely low temperatures the cold oil in the bearings and between pistons and cylinder walls
creates high friction, thus engine starting is harder than when the engine is warm.
c.  The normal diesel starting is to ignite the fuel sprayed into the combustion chamber by the heat of air
compressed in the cylinder. This temperature is high enough for normal operating conditions, but at extremely
low temperatures may not be high enough to ignite the injected fuel.
Do not actuate the starting aid more than once with the engine stopped. Over-loading the engine air box with
this high volatile fluid could result in a minor explosion.
To assist engine starting in low temperatures use the cold weather starting device.
The starting aid is not intended to correct deficiencies but for use when other conditions are normal and air
temperature is too low for heat of compression to ignite the fuel-air mixture.


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