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TM 55-1905-220-14-6
Keep clear of the Anchor Winch or Bow Ramp Winch while it is in operation.
During any removal, disassembly, assembly, or installation of an electrical device, make
sure all electrical power is disconnected and tagged. (Circuit breaker in the OFF position
and tagged).
Improper functioning of the Engine Exhaust System can cause injury or death.
Personnel should know the location and operation of all equipment for emergency use.
Before attempting to operate any equipment, read the instructions completely. Then,
return to the appropriate section and follow the instructions.
Do not enter the Winch Compartment alone.
If the Halon Fire System is activated (horn sounds), leave the compartment immediately.
Check that no one is left, and then close and dog the hatch.
Use extreme care when handling gasoline for the Salvage Pump.
Store all flammable material in the Flammable Storage Compartment.


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