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TM 55-1905-220-14-6
(1) The anchor winch engine covered in this manual is a 4 cylinder Detroit Diesel. The engine is equipped
with an oil cooler, lubricating oil filter, fuel oil strainer, fuel oil filter, air cleaner, governor, water pump and a
starting motor.
(2) Fuel is drawn from the supply tank through a strainer by a gear-type fuel pump, and then forced through
the filter and fuel inlet gallery in the cylinder head and to the injectors. Excess fuel is returned to the supply tank
via the fuel outlet gallery and connecting lines. Since fuel is constantly circulating through the injectors, it
serves to cool the injectors and carry off any air in the fuel system.
(3) Air for scavenging and combustion is supplied by a blower which pumps air into the engine cylinders via
the air box and cylinder liner ports. All air entering the blower first passes through an air cleaner.
(4) Full pressure lubrication is supplied to all main connecting rod and camshaft bearings, and to other
moving parts of the engine. A gear-type pump draws oil from the oil pan through an intake screen and delivers
it to the oil filter and then to the oil cooler. From the oil cooler, the oil enters a longitudinal oil gallery in the
cylinder block where the supply divides; a portion entering the by-pass filter and then draining back into the oil
pan, part going to the cam and balance shaft end bearings and cylinder head, with the remainder going to the
main bearings and connecting rod bearings via the drilled crankshaft.
(5) Coolant is circulated through the engine by a centrifugal type water pump. Heat is removed from the
coolant, which circulates in a closed system. Control of the engine temperature is accomplished by thermostats
that regulate the flow of the coolant within the cooling system.
(6) Engine starting is provided by a hydraulic starting system.
(7) Engine speed is controlled by a mechanical type engine


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