Quantcast Checking Engine Timing - TM-55-1905-220-14-60821

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TM 55-1905-220-14-6
(6) Select a dial indicator with .001 inch graduations and with a spindle movement of at least 1 inch. Use
suitable mounting attachments for the indicator so that it can be mounted over the injector hole in the
cylinder head. Provide an extension for the spindle of the indicator. The extension must be long
enough to contact the piston as it approaches its upper position.
(7) Mount the indicator over the injector hole and tighten the mountings sufficiently to hold the indicator
rigid. The mounting leg may be threaded into the rocker cover stud, or the stud may be removed from
the cylinder head and the leg threaded into the tapped hole, depending upon the length of the rod used
in making up the mounting attachments. Make sure that the spindle extension is free in the injector
hole, that it does not bind, and that it is free to travel its full 1 inch movement.
(8) Provide a suitable pointer and attach it to the engine front end plate. The pointer should extend over
the vibration damper, or crankshaft pulley.
(9) Rotate the crankshaft in the direction of rotation slowly until the hand on the dial indicator just stops
(10) Rotate the crankshaft in the direction of rotation until the indicator hand just starts to move. Reset the
dial to "0". Continue turning the crankshaft slowly until the indicator reading is .010 inch - then stop
(11) Scribe a line on the dampener in line with the end of the pointer.


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