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TM 55-1905-222-14
Mooring Procedure.  Ensure the LCM-8 mooring lines are in proper repair and secured to the mooring bitts
at the appropriate deck stations before approaching a moorage. Perform the following mooring procedure:
Secure mooring lines only to mooring bitts. Never secure mooring lines to handrails
or other deck hardware not intended for mooring purposes.  Failure to comply may
result in damage to the vessel and injury or death to personnel.
Cautiously maneuver the LCM-8 to the desired location alongside the pier or dock.
Cast the LCM-8 mooring lines to assisting personnel on the pier or dock.
Take up slack and secure the mooring lines to mooring cleats or bitts on the pier or dock.
Under normal conditions, one mooring line forward and one mooring line aft are
sufficient to moor the LCM-8. In high wind or strong current conditions, additional
lines will be required to moor the vessel.
Anchoring. Observe the following guidelines when anchoring the LCM-8.
Assemble the LCM-8 ground tackle by connecting the anchor to the anchor chain and line.
Head the boat into the wind or seas at the location where the anchor is to be dropped.
Run the vessel slow ahead until it is keeping station into the wind or seas.
An anchoring supervisor shall be stationed to ensure that personnel do not become
entangled in the anchor line while it is paying out. Failure to comply may result in
injury or death to personnel.
Lower the anchor from the bow to the water and pay out anchor line until the anchor reaches the bottom.
Allow the vessel to drift astern with the wind or seas until a scope of line about six times the depth of water is
paid out.
Lay the anchor line in a bow chock and secure it to a mooring bit. When the line becomes taut, set the anchor
by BACKING the vessel with the engines at IDLE speed.
When a strain on the anchor line is achieved, indicating the anchor is set, return the propulsion control levers
to NEUTRAL position. LCM-8 is anchored.
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