Quantcast Location and Description of Major Components - continued

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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
w. Lube Oil Filter Assembly (23). Five spin-on filters and head assembly, located on left side of engine
near the rear.
x. Oil Pan and Adapter Group (24). Lube oil pan, located under the engine.
y. Fuel Pump Group (25). Gear-driven pump and throttle assembly, located on the left side near the
front of the engine.
z. Engine Support Group (26). Engine mounting support assembly, located below the front and rear of
the engine.
aa. Camshaft and Gear Group (27). Two camshafts and gears, located in the cylinder block.
ab. Vibration Damper/Bearings/Crankshaft Group (28). Vibration damper and crankshaft, located in the
cylinder block.
ac. Pulley Shield/Front Gear Housing Group (29). Housing assembly, located on the front of the engine.
ad. Shutdown Valve Group (30). Solenoid-operated shutdown valve assembly,
ae. Cam Follower and Housing Group (31). Sixteen cam follower assemblies located in the cylinder
af. Injector Group (32). Sixteen fuel injectors, one in each cylinder head.


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