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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Place marine gear in neutral.
Place engine ON/OFF switch to the ON position. This activates the fuel solenoid.
A manual override knob provided on the forward end of the
electric shutdown valve allows the valve to be opened in case of
electric power failure.  To use, open by turning fully in a
clockwise direction.
To prevent permanent starter motor damage, do not crank
engine for more than 30 seconds continuously. If engine does
not start within first 30 seconds, wait 1 to 2 minutes before
recranking. Damage to starter motor will occur if pushbutton is
pressed before starter motor stops rotation.
Press starter button and hold till the engine starts.
After engine has run for a few minutes, shut downand wait 5 minutes for oil to drain back into pan.
Check engine oil level again; add oil as necessary to bring oil level to "H" mark on dipstick. The
drop in oil level is due to absorption by the oil filter and filling of the oil cooler.
Never operate the engine with oil level below the low level mark
(L), or above the high level mark (H).
Check for evidence of external oil leakage. Secure capscrews, fittings, connections, or replace
gaskets, and O-rings as necessary to correct. Check oil dipstick and filler tube caps to see that
they are secure.
Normal Startup. Refer to the operator's manual, TM 55-1905-223-10.
Shutdown Procedure (Usual or Unusual). Refer to the operator's manual, TM 55-1905-223-10.


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