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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
(5) Check the thread condition on all adjusting screws and in the levers.
(6) Check carefully for threaded distortion at the assembly position of the locknut. Screws must move
freely through the levers.
(7) Visually inspect the sockets on the end of each lever for damage. Replace the lever assembly if
(8) Visually check the rocker bushing for damage. Replace thelever assembly if damaged.
(9) Measure the inside diameter of the rocker lever bushing. The measurement must be between 1.3776
inches (34.991 mm) and 1.3735 inches (34.887 mm). If these limits are exceeded, replace the lever assembly.
a. Replace housing.
(1) Install rocker lever housing gasket (20, FIG. 2-28) on cylinder head.
(2) Position housing (15, 17, 19 or 21) on cylinder head.
The gasket and housing must be aligned correctly with the dowel pins that are in the cylinder head.
(3) Install six flat washers (26) and hexagon head capscrews (24 and 27). Tighten to 65 ft-lb. (88 Nm)
using the sequence shown in FIG. 2-32.
FIGURE 2-32. Rocker Lever Housing Tightening Sequence.


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