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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
(4) Install dowel ring (14, FIG. 2-28) and pipe plugs (16 and 18) if required.
For the left bank housing the end of the tubes with two grooves must be installed in the bore that is positioned
toward the front of the engine. For the right bank housing the end of the tube with two grooves must be
installed in the bore that is positioned toward the rear of the engine.
(5) Use a water tube driver (1, FIG. 2-30) and a hammer to push the water tube into the adjacent housing
until the groove is visible.
b. Install rocker levers.
(1) Install injector links (3, FIG. 2-49).
The engine intake poppet valve rocker arm (13, FIG. 2-28) must have a blind rivet installed in the oil drilling.
The exhaust lever (9) must not have a blind rivet in the oil drilling. The three oil drillings on the shaft (25) that
have the same centerline must be toward the end of the rocker lever that contains the adjusting screw. The
plug in the shaft main oil drilling must be nearest to the exhaust lever.
Ensure that the adjusting screws (5) are loose and that the ring dowel (14) is installed in the housing.
(2) Position straight shaft (25, FIG. 2-28) and rocker levers (9, 11 and 13) wth sleeve bushings (8, 10 and
12) on housing (21).
(3) Install two flat washers (29 and 30) and hexagon head capscrews (31 and 32). Do not tighten.
The shaft (25) must fit correctly down and over the ring dowel (14).
(4) Align push rod sockets with setscrews (5). Align injector links with rocker lever sockets.
(5) Tighten hexagon head capscrews (31 and 32) to 65 ft-lb (88 Nm).
Injector and valve adjustment general information.


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