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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Repair of the cylinder head group at the unit maintenance level consists of replacing the diesel engine cylinder
head (3), the cylinder head gasket (7), and the preformed packings (4, 5, 6 and 8). Repair of the diesel engine
cylinder.head is covered by intermediate general support maintenance procedure (Chapter 4).
a. Be sure the orifice plug in the cylinder block is open. Place the cylinder head gasket (7, FIG. 2-56) over
the dowels in the block. The word "TOP" on the gasket must be visible after the gasket is installed.
The gasket must slide easily over the dowels. If it does not, check the dowels for
b. Install water (8), oil (5), and push tube (6) preformed packings into position in each cylinder head gasket
(7). Install capscrew preformed packing (4) on the camshaft side of the cylinder.
The preformed packings are a loose fit in the head gasket; care must be taken not
to misalign the preformed packings prior to or during the cylinder head installation.
Misaligned packings could result in engine failure.
c. Use the lifting sling (FIG. 2-57) to position to the cylinder head (3) over the dowels in the block.
d. Lubricate the head and threads of the hexagon head capscrews (2, FIG. 2-56) and the washer (1) with
clean engine lube oil.
Allow excess engine lube oil to drip from the capscrews before installation in the
block. Excess engine oil could damage the cylinder block.
The washers must be positioned on the capscrews with the rounded edges toward
the washer face of the capscrew head.


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