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TM 55-1905-220-24-1
2-35. Replace/Repair Handhole Cover Group. (FIG. 2-59)
This task covers:
a. Removal
b. Repair
c. Replacement
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, general mechanic's rail
Engine shutdown. TM 55-1905-223-10.
and marine diesel engine
Torque wrench kit P/N 3377216
Handhole gaskets P/N 3175856
Preformed packing P/N 108172
There are a total of eight handhole covers on the engine (four each side); each one
exposes two connecting rod end caps. The left rear handhole cover contains the
oil fill tube and dipstick. The two covers located second from the rear include the
crankcase ventilation tubes. The remaining five handhole covers are blank access
plates. All use the same type gasket.
a. Remove blank handhole covers.
Remove the water pump group (paragraph 2-23) and fuel pump group (paragraph 2-29). (Front
covers only.)
Remove eleven hexagon head capscrews (23), lockwashers (24), one hexagon head capscrew
(19), and lockwasher (21).
Remove handhole cover (20) and handhole gasket (22). Discard gasket.
b. Remove handhole cover with dipstick and oil filler tube (15).
Remove lube oil filter assembly (paragraph 2-24).
Remove liquid level gage rod (11). If required, remove filler opening cap (14).


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