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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Bead Size. For general purpose cleaning use No. 60.
Do not expose the part being cleaned to the bead blast any longer than absolutely necessary. This
is particularly true when cleaning soft material such as aluminum.
Operating Pressure. Use 90 psi (5.4 kg/ q cm) for general cleaning.
The only additional cleaning required is to wash with solvent and dry with compessed air. Be sure
all foreign material has been removed from the parts before reassembling.
Solvent/Acid Cleaning.
Wear gloves, goggles and aprons when using solvent solution.
Solvent/acid cleaners may damage bearing shells and
aluminum parts; check manufacturer's instructions before
cleaning these parts in solvent.
Do not damage gasket mating surfaces.
Remove all gasket material and deposits of sludge, carbon, etc., with a wire brush or scraper from
units such as cylinder heads, oil pan, rocker lever housing and cover, etc., before submerging them
in wash tank.
Solvent solution should be heated to approximately 180 to 2-00 (82 to 93 ) and kept in
constant agitation. With sufficient heat the agitation can be accomplished by built-in baffle plates.
After unit disassembly, put all small parts in wire mesh baskets and steam clean; then, immerse
them in cleaning tank for as long as necessary. Larger parts can be lowered directly by hoist into
Run rods with bristle brushes through oil passages. Scrape the liner counterbore lightly to remove
scale; sand lower liner bore or use emery cloth to remove any nicks or burrs that might damage the
packing rings as the liner is installed.


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