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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
b. Remove the capscrews securing the flexible outlets to the exhaust piping. Discard gaskets.
Drain and disconnect fuel system.
Use extreme caution while disconnecting fuel lines. Place cans to catch fuel from
disconnected lines. Wipe up all fuel spills immediately.
(1) Disconnect the fuel supply line at the fuel filter block.
(2) Disconnect the fuel tank return drain line located directly to the rear of the fuel pump.
(3) Drain fuel filters and discard elements.
d. Disconnect electrical wiring.
(1) Disconnect and tag all electrical connectors from the vessel to the engine.
Be sure to tag all connectors and mounting hardware for reinstallation.
(2) Remove all retaining clips and supporting devices mounting the wiring to the engine.
(3) Move and secure all wiring clear of the engine so that it will not interfere with the engine during the
removal process.
e. Drain and disconnect lubrication system.
(1) Drain the oil pan completely using the sump pump.
Drain plugs in the adapter cover plates and sump must be removed to completely
drain the engine.
(2) Disconnect oil supply line.
Drain and disconnect cooling system.
(1) Drain all coolant from the system.
(2) Remove water inlet connection from the pump.
(3) Remove water outlet connection at the thermostat housing.


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