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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
(6) When the engine is properly aligned, that is,all coupling-and mounting bolts turn easily into their
mating threads and the coupling is aligned flush with the flywheel, torque the mounting and
coupling bolts to 230 ft-lb (310 N-m).
b. Connect cooling system.
(1) Reconnect the water inlet connection to the water pump.
(2) Reconnect the water outlet connection to the thermostat housing.
(3) Install four DCA (Diesel Cooling Additive) filter precharge water filter elements, paragraph 2-16.
(4) Fill the system with a 50-50 mixture of ethylene glycol antifreeze and fresh water or to the
proportions dictated by local conditions. Also see TB 55-1900-207-24.
(5) Replace the fill cap.
(6) Pressure test cooling system (para. 2-13). Check for leaks.
Connect electrical wiring.
(1) Connect all electrical connectors to the shutdown valve, sensors, heaters, etc. Remove tags.
Make sure all connections are free of dirt, grease or paint before
tightening securely. Check wire routing to ensure that there is
no binding, crimping or interference with other components.
(2) Install all clips and supporting devices used to secure/support the wiring to the engine.
d. Connect the flexible exhaust outlet connections to be exhaust uptakes. Use new gaskets and tighten
capscrews equally and evenly.
e. Bar engine by hand over 360to check for binding.
f. Start engine (TM 55-1905-223-10).


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