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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Inspect centrifugal pump impeller (11, FIG. 3-1).
(1) Inspect impeller for nicks, cracks and obvious damage.
(2) Check for wear marks on outside diameter of impeller and on impeller vane edges.
(3) Check center (shaft) bore of impeller for wear.
(4) Measure inside diameter of impeller bore. Verify diameter is within specifications (Table 3-2).
(5) Replace impeller, if defective.
b. Inspect straight shaft (4).
(1) Check shaft for wear, damage and corrosion in impeller mounting area, bearing and seal mounting
(2) Check for wear, obstructions, corrosion and damage in retaining ring groove.
(3) Measure outer diameter of shaft at impeller end. Verify outer diameter is within specifications
(4) Inspect straight shaft for damaged threads in impeller end and damaged spines in coupling end of
(5) Replace shaft, if defective.
Inspect rigid shaft coupling (2) for broken, worn or damaged splines and cracks, corrosion and damage
to coupling body. Replace if defective.
d. Inspect annular ball bearings (5 and 7).
(1) Inspect bearings for pitting, corrosion and looseness.
(2) Hold bearing by inner race and spin outer race to check for binding.
(3) Inspect bearing center (shaft) bore and outside diameter for nicks, cracks and obvious damage.
(4) Replace any bearing that has pitting, corrosion, nicks, cracks or obvious damage. Replace any
bearing that does not spin freely, when checked for binding.
e. Inspect seal (10) for tears, kinks, wear and obvious damage. Replace if defective.
Inspect bearing sleeve spacer (6) for wear and damage. Replace if defective.


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