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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
g. Inspect retaining rings (1 and 8) for distortion and damage. Replace defective retaining rings.
h. Inspect drain cock (13) for corrosion and damage. Replace if defective.
Inspect water pump housing (12).
(1) Inspect exterior of water pump housing, including mounting surfaces, for cracks, corrosion and
obvious damage.
(2) Inspect bearing mounting surfaces, seal surfaces and retaining ring grooves located inside housing,
for nicks, pitting, corrosion and obvious damage.
(3) Inspect impeller cavity and straight (pump) shaft bore for internal cracks, pitting, corrosion, wear
and obvious damage.
(4) Check inside diameters of outer bearing bore, inner bearing bore, oil seal bore and impeller bore to
determine if bores are within specifications (Table 3-2).
(5) Replace water pump housing if defective.
The mandrel must contact on the inner race of the bearing to prevent damage.
a. Use a hydraulic press to support the shaft (4, FIG. 3-1).
b. Push the large bearing (5) with a mandrel on the shaft (4) until it touches the shaft step.
Install sleeve spacer (6) on the shaft.
d. Push the small bearing (7) with a mandrel on the shaft until it touches the sleeve spacer.
e. Install the retaining ring (8).
Support-the water pump housing (12) in an arbor press with the impeller side down.
The seal must be installed with the part number positioned down.
g. Use water pump seal driver to install valve seat (9). The valve seat must be even with or no more than
0.020 inch (0.51 mm) below the top of the step in the housing.


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