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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
The clamping washer (3) must be installed so that the chamfer
on the inside diameter of the washer is toward the thrust bearing
(4). Failure will result if the washer is not installed correctly.
h. Install the clamping washer (3).
The retaining ring (2) must be installed with the beveled side
toward the spline end of the shaft (5). If the ring is not installed
correctly, the end clearance will be wrong.
Install retaining ring (2).
Install expansion shield (7). Ensure shield is below the surface of the
support (14).
Use a dial indicator to measure the water pump drive end clearance. Verify
end clearance is between 0.009 inch (0.23 mm) and 0.13 inch (0.33 mm). If
the end clearance is not within specifications, verify that thrust bearings
(4 and 13) are completely in the counterbore of the support (14). If thrust
bearings are in place, disassemble- engine accessory bracket (1) to find
Install gasket (11) on support (14).
m. Position engine accessory brack t (1) to engine. Turn the shaft in the drive
to engage the gears.
n. Install four lockwashers (9 and 15) and hexagon head capscrews (8 and 16).
Tighten to 45 ft-lb (60 N ).
o. Install water pump group (paragraph 2-23).
p. Start engine (TM 55-1905-223-10), check pump group, engine pump, and
accessory bracket for leaks and proper operation. Correct as required.


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