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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
(4) Remove pipe to tube adapter (21) from fuel block connection (19) and intake manifold.
(5) Remove hexagon head capscrews (17) and lockwashers (18).
(6) Remove fuel block connection (19).
(7) Remove tube connector elbow (20) from fuel block connection (19)
a. Clean all parts with solvent, dry with compressed air.
b. Inspect all hoses for tears, frayed or worn areas, kinks, or other evidence of leaks or physical damage.
Replace as required.
c. Inspect all metallic tubing for kinks, bends, abrasions, or other evdence of physical damage.
d. Inspect all threaded components for damage or excess wear on the threads.
e. Inspect all components for freedom of fluid flow. Clean or replace as required.
f. Inspect tube connector elbow (20) and fuel block (33) for freedom of fluid flow. Check all orifices for
deposits of foreign matter contamination. Clean thoroughly or replace as required.
g. Inspect the manifolds for cracks. Replace as required.
a. Install air tube components.
(1) Install tube connector elbow (20) and pipe to tube adapter (21) in fuel block connection (l9).
(2) Position fuel block connection (19) on engine with bolt holes aligned.
(3) Install lockwashers (18) and hexagon capscrews (17). Tighten capscrews (17) to 60 in-lb (7 Nm).
(4) Install pipe to tube adapters (Z3) in air port of fuel pump and in intake manifold.
(5) Install metal tube assembly (16) to pipe to tube adapters (15 and 21).
(6) Install metal tube assembly (22) between tube connector elbow (2 ), V located at fuel block connection
(19) and pipe to tube adapter (23), located in air port of fuel pump.


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