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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
(1) Clean camshaft assembly with solvent.
Marks on the lobes and journals that cannot be felt with
fingernail are acceptable.
(2) Visually inspect camshaft (9) for scuffed, scored or cracked lobes. Discard camshaft if any of
these conditions exist.
(3) Measure bushing journals' outside diameter. Replace camshaft if journals are not between 2.995
inch (76.07 mm) and 2.997 inch (76.12 mm).
(4) Visually inspect camshaft gear (14). If the gear is visibly chipped, cracked or worn, it must be
replaced. Evacuate to intermediate general support maintenance.
(5) Use a feeler gauge to measure camshaft thrust clearance. If clearance is not between 0.006 inch
(0.15 mm) and 0.013 inch (0.33 mm) the gear must be removed. Evacuate to intermediate general
support maintenance.
Repair of camshaft and gear group is by replacement of defective parts.
a. Replace camshaft (9, FIG. 3-17).
The camshafts are different for each bank. Ensure the
correct camshaft is installed in the correct bank.  If
camshafts are not installed correctly, the engine will be
seriously damaged.
(1) Install camshaft pilot to the rear of camshaft (9, FIG. 3-19).
(2) Lubricate the camshaft and bushings with lubriplate.
Two soldiers are required when installing camshafts to
avoid possible damage to the camshafts and bushings.
Do not damage the camshaft bushings or the bushing
will fail.
(3) Install camshaft (9, FIG. 3-17) in the correct bank of the cylinder block. Using the pilot as a guide,
rotate the camshaft clockwise and counterclockwise to assist in installation.


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