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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Wear protective gloves to prevent injury when handling
hot parts.
(2) Heat piston (2) in an oven at 200 (93 ) for 15 minutes or in boiling water for 5 minutes.
(3) Lubricate connecting rod (3) bushing and piston pin (5) with clean engine lube oil.
(4) Install connecting rod (3) in piston (2).
Do not attempt to install piston pin without applying
heat. Damage to the piston will result.
(5) Install piston pin (5). If force is required, check the temperature of the piston and check the pin for
Ensure both retaining rings are in the groove.  A
retaining ring not in the groove could fall out causing
severe engine damage.
(6) Install other retaining ring (6).
(7) Place piston and rod assembly carefully aside to allow time to cool naturally. Do not attempt to
reduce cooling time.
b. Replace connecting rod and piston.
(1) Clean connecting rod with a clean lint-free cloth.
The bearings in the connecting rod must have the same
part number. If part numbers are different, the bearings
can fail and cause severe engine damage.  The old
bearings must be installed in their original location if
new bearings are not installed.  Do not lubricate the
back of the connector shell.
(2) Install bearings (4) in connecting rod (3). Align bearing oil hole with rod oil hole. Lubricate bearing
with clean engine lube oil.
(3) Install connecting rod guide pins (5).


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