Quantcast FIGURE 3-24. Crankshaft Rod Journal.

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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
FIGURE 3-24. Crankshaft Rod Journal.
Check to be sure the number on the rod is the same
as the number of the cylinder. Newer connecting
rods have a painted number.
The crankshaft rod journal must be at TDC for the
piston and rod assembly being installed.  The
connecting rod will not move past the crankshaft
counterweights during assembly.
The cylinder numbers stamped on the pistons and
connecting rods should be toward the camshafts or
to the outside away from the "V" on both left and
right banks after installation.
(9) Insert connecting rod and piston into cylinder liner. Use the handle of a wooden hammer to push
the piston into the liner (FIG. 3-26).
(10) Push piston into liner until the connecting ro touches the crank shaft journal. Remove the
connecting rod guide pins (5, FIG. 3-25).


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