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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Valve guide reamer ST-646
Grooving kit P/N 3376405
Drill 5130-00-293-1949
Lapping Tool 5120-00-289-5027
Ball Gauge P/N 3469
Cup plug loctite, Item 37, Appendix C
Solvent, Item 15, Appendix C
Prussian blue compound, Item 23, Appendix C
Crocus cloth, Item 11, Appendix C
Valve lapping paste, Item 36, Appendix C
a. Clean and check the cylinder head.
(1) Use solvent. Clean the parts.
(2) Check for broken springs, bent crosshead guides or other damage. If damage is found, rebuild the
cylinder head (step b of this procedure).
Both ends of a crack between the valves must be visible.  If
one end of a crack extends into the valve seat insert bore
behind the valve seat insert, the condition of the cylinder head
is questionable.  To be sure the cylinder head is in good
condition, remove the valve and the valve seat insert.
(3) Visually inspect for cracks on the combustion surface (FIG. 4-1). If any cracks around the
injector bore are longer than 0.25 inch (6 mm), discard the cylinder head.
(4) Use gauge block to measure the valve depth (FIG. 4-2). If valve depth exceeds 0.020 inch
(0.51 mm), replace the cylinder head. FIG. 4-1. Crack Inspection.
FIGURE 4-1. Crack Inspection.
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