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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Valve Depth Measurement.
b. Rebuild cylinder head.
The valve springs are under compression. Use care when using
the valve spring compressor. Personnel injury can result if the
tool slips.
(1) Use valve spring compressor (1, FIG. 4-3) compress spring (5).
The collet groove in the valve stem can cut the valve stem seals
when the valve is removed.  Pull the seal off of the guide and
carefully move it past the groove in the stem. If the seal is cut,
it must be replaced.
Mark valves for location prior to removal. The intake and
exhaust valves are different. Marking valves will aid the
assembly procedure.
(2) Remove valve collets (2), spring retainer (4), spring (5), spring guide (3), and valve (8).
(3) Repeat procedure for each of four valves.
(4) Clean parts and check for broken springs, bent crosshead guides or other damage (refer to step a
of this procedure).
(5) Use a drill, a sheet metal screw and a slide hammer and hook from the light duty puller kit to
remove 10 cup plugs (FIG. 4-4).
(6) Measure free length of valve spring (5, FIG. 4-3). Verify spring length is approximately 3.35
inch (85.1 mm).
(7) Use a valve spring tester (1, FIG. 4-5). Measure spring (4) at working height (2) of 1.98 inch (50.3
mm). Verify spring force (3) is between 253 lb (1125 N-m) and 294 lb (1308 N-m).


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