Quantcast FIGURE 4-21. Valve Depth Measurement.

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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
FIGURE 4-21.
Valve Depth Measurement.
The valve springs are under compression. Use care when using
the valve spring compressor. Personnel injury can result if the
tool slips.
Use valve spring compressor (1, FIG. 4-3). Install spring guide (3), spring (5), spring retainer
(4), and valve collets (2).
Vacuum Test cylinder head.
(a) Install vacuum tester to valve seating area (FIG. 4-22).
(b) Apply vacuum. Measure time required for vacuum to decrease from 18 in-Hg (457 mm-Hg) to 8 in-
Hg (203 mm-Hg).
(c) If elapsed time is less than 10 seconds, perform the followin :
Repeat the test to verify equipment operation.
Hit valve stem lightly with a mallet to be sure valve is sealed.
Repeat test.
(d) If elapsed time is still less than 10 seconds, apply a thin coating of grease to the outside diameter
of the insert and valve head. The grease will show the point of leakage. Repeat test.


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