Quantcast FIGURE 4-35. Crosshead Disassembly/Assembly.

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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
h. Inspect crossheads.
(1) Remove the nut (1, FIG. 4-35) and the adjusting screw (3) from the crosshead (2).
(2) Use solvent to clean the parts.
(3) Inspect the threads of the nut (1), adjusting screw (3), and crosshead (2) for damage. Check the
largest end of the adjusting screw (3) for wear.
(4) Check the contact pad (4) for cracks (shaded area in FIG. 4-35).
(5) Measure the valve stem contact area for wear or damage (FIG. 4-36). Measure the inside diameter
of the crosshead guide bore. Verify diameter is between 0.434 to 0.440 inch (11.02 to 11.18 mm).
Do not tighten the nut until the crosshead
has been installed and adjusted (para.
(6) Install adjusting screw (3, FIG. 4-35) and nut (1) on crosshead (2).
FIGURE 4-35. Crosshead Disassembly/Assembly.
FIGURE 4-36. Crosshead Inspection.


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