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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
(5) Remove the feeler gauge (1). Recheck for side clearance. See the Note above.
(6) Use a mallet and tap the roll pin (3) into position if required. Verify roller rotates easily.
The injector cam followers are in the center
position on each shaft.
b. Assemble the cam followers (7, FIG. 4-39) onto the shaft (10). Secure the assembly with retainer
rings (9).
a. Lubricate camshaft and cam follower assemblies (3, FIG. 4-38) with clean engine lube oil.
Service replacement cam followers are coated with a heavy
preservative to prevent rust. This preservative must be
completely removed with solvent before the parts are
installed in the engine.
The cam follower mounting capscrews have a special slot to
allow the oil to flow to the cam follower assembly. The oil
drilling intersects with the right capscrew hole. Failure
will result if standard capscrews are used.
b. Position the cam follower assemblies (3, FIG. 4-38) over the ring dowels in the cylinder block. Install
washers (2) and capscrews (1) finger tight. Ensure the shaft fits correctly on both ring dowels.
c. Torque the capscrew (1) alternately and evenly to 29 to 31 ft-lb (39 to 42 N m).
d. Install gasket(s) (1, FIG. 4-37) and cam follower cover(s) (2).
e. Install washers (4), lockwashers (5) and capscrews (3). Torque to 30 ft-lb (40 Nm).


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