Quantcast Repair Crankshaft Assembly and Sleeve Bearings.

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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
4-13. Repair Crankshaft Assembly and Sleeve Bearings.
This task covers:
a. Removal,
b. Repair,
c. Replacement.
Equipment Condition
Tool kit, general mechanics rail
Engine removed from vessel,
and marine diesel engines,
Turbocharger group removed,
Torque wrench kit
P/N 3377216
Water filters and thermostat housing
Lifting sling
assembly removed, paras. 2-16 and 2-17.
P/N 3375958
Instrument panel group removed,
Bearing cap puller
P/N ST-1116
Fuel filters removed, para. 2-21.
Crankshaft gear puller kit
Oil pan and adapter group removed,
P/N 3375840
Machinist measuring tool set
Oil pump removed, para. 3-23.
Cylinder head group removed,
Piston and connecting rod removed,
Crankshaft assembly P/N 3040705
High pressure grease,
Item 28, Appendix C
Engine lube oil, Item 2, Appendix C
Oil SAE 140W, Item 27, Appendix C
There are two side bolts for each main bearing cap.
a. Remove the main bearing cap side bolts (1, FIG. 4-47) and washers (2) from each side of the block.
Ensure main bearing caps are identified correctly. The cylinder block has a
number stamped at the bottom (oil pan flange) of the block at the left rear bank
of the engine. Each main bearing cap contains the same number at the right
bank top and front. The main bearing caps are also numbered 1 through 9. If
the cap is not marked, mark the cap before removal.
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