Quantcast FIGURE 4-47. Main Bearing Side Bolt Removal.

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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
b. Loosen the main bearing capscrews (3).
c. Use main bearing cap puller (1, FIG. 4-48) and remove the caps (2).
d. Remove the lower main bearing shells from the caps.
The main bearing cap capscrews are special high strength parts.  Do not
damage the capscrews by throwing them against each other or in a container.
Damage to the parts will result in engine failure.
e. Remove capscrews (1, FIG. 4-49) lockwashers (2), and thrust bearing retainer plates (3).
FIGURE 4-48. Main Bearing Removal/Installation.
FIGURE 4-47. Main Bearing Side Bolt Removal.
Remove and mark thrust bearings (1, FIG. 4-57).
The crankshaft is heavy. To avoid personal injury or equipment damage, use a
lifting sling or get assistance when lifting the crankshaft.
Attach a sling (1, FIG. 4-50) to the crankshaft (2). Remove crankshaft using a suitable overhead
lifting device.


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