Quantcast FIGURE 4-62. Installation Tool and Repair Sleeve.

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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
FIGURE 4-62. Installation Tool and Repair Sleeve.
The crankshaft and repair sleeve must be free of any burrs which might cut the seal lip.
If the installation tool supplied with the repair sleeve is too short to install the sleeve into the desired
position, a length of tubing or pipe can be substituted as an installation tool. The tubing or pipe
substituted for the installation tool should have an inside diameter larger than the crankshaft diameter.
Pipe or tubing used as installation tool must be cut off squarely and all burrs
which might damage the sleeve or crankshaft must be removed.
Inspect the trunnion sleeve for wear, scoring, or distortion; replace if damaged.
Start the new sleeve (chamfer in) over the trunnion.
Press the sleeve over the trunnion until it is flush with the trunnion face.
Drive Bore Bushings.
Check the bore of the fuel and water pump drive bushings; replace if worn larger than 1.571
inch (39.9 mm).
If either drive shaft is worn enough to allow use of an undersize bore bushing (maintain a
minimum clearance of 0.003 inch (0.08 mm) between the shaft and bushing), use as listed in


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