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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Repair Connecting Rod and Piston Group
This task covers:
Equipment Condition
Rod/Piston assemblies removed
Tool kit, general mechanics rail
from engine, pistons removed
and marine diesel engines,
from rods, para. 3-25.
Piston ring expander P/N ST-1269
Dial indicator 5210-00-277-8840
Machinist measuring tool set
Magnaglo tester P/N H620
Connecting rod assembly P/N 3043910
Compression ring P/N 3046227
Piston P/N 3801436
Emery cloth, Item 18, Appendix C
Piston ring set P/N AR-10680
Cleaning solvent, Item 15, Appendix C
Connecting Rods.
The number on the connecting rod must be the same as the number on the rod cap. Never
assemble a new cap to an old rod or an old cap to a new rod.
Remove capscrews (3, FIG. 4-66), washers (4) and cap (2) from connecting rod (1).
Use solvent to clean the parts.
Inspect rod and cap for fretting damage. The rod and cap must be replaced as an assembly if
fretting damage is visible on either piece.
Check the threads of the connecting rod capscrews for damage. Check the
capscrew head for ,cracks.
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