Quantcast FIGURE 4-68a. Connecting Rod Magnetic Check.

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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Ampere turn is an electrical current of one ampere flowing through the coil, multiplied by the
number of turns in the coil.
(12) Set up magnaglo tester for coil shot method. Apply coil shot amperage (ampere turns) between 2600
and 2800 dc or rectified ac (FIG. 4-68a).Check for cracks.
FIGURE 4-68a. Connecting Rod Magnetic Check.
(13) Replace connecting rod if any indications are visible in the shaded areas shown in FIG. 4-69.
The rod must be demagnetized completely and cleaned thoroughly. Any small particles will
cause engine damage.
(14) Demagnetize connecting rod. Clean rod with steam or solvent.
Use a piston ring expander to remove the piston rings.
Wear protective clothing to prevent personal injuries from chemical or steam burns.


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