Quantcast FIGURE 4-79. Dowel Removal.

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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
FIGURE 4-79. Dowel Removal.
The engine contains two camshaft bushings (44, FIG. 4-75) in each bore except
in the LB front and RB rear bores. These bores contain one bushing only.
If a bushing in a bore that contains two bushings is replaced, both bushings must
be replaced. If a bushing in an engine bank is replaced, replace all bushings in
that bank.
(1) Use the camshaft bushing driver (1, FIG. 4-80) to remove bushing (2) from the bore that
contains one bushing.
(2) In a bore that contains two bushings, use driver (1) to push one bushing (2) until it touches
the other one. Push both bushings out at the same time.
(3) Use an emery cloth to remove burrs and sharp edges from the bore.
(4) Measure inside diameter of bore. Verify it is between 3.1875 inch (80.963 mm) and 3.1885
inch (80.988).
Do not damage machined gasket surfaces or camshaft bushings.
Use scraper, wire brush and emery cloth to clean heavy dirt deposits from gasket surfaces, mounting
surfaces, cylinder liner counter bore ledge and press fit areas, cylinder liner packing ring bore, top of
block, main bearing saddles and caps, and plug bores.
Use bottle brush to clean all oil passages.


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