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TM 55-1905-223-24-1
Check the head deck of the block (68, FIGURE 4-75) for wear using a precision straight edge. Verify
no fretting is visible in areas when head gasket seal rings or grommets touch.
Clean and inspect cylinder liners.
Wear eye protection. If motor driven, ensure wire brush is rated for correct rpm.
Do not use a home, aluminum oxide cloth, or sandpaper to clean cylinder liners.
Abrasives can damage the finish and the pattern, and can contaminate the liner.
(1) Use high quality steel wire brush to clean the liner flange seating area and the secondary
press fit below the liner flange.
(2) Use non-metallic brush, warm water, and detergent soap to clean the inside diameter.
(3) Clean liners with steam. Dry with compressed air.
(4) Inspect liners for cracks. Replace liner if any cracks are found.
If liner with minimum pitting is re-installed, install so pitting is in line with longest
centerline of crankshaft.
(5) Inspect outside of liner for pitting and corrosion. Replace liner if pitting exceeds 1/16 inch
(1.6 mm) or if corrosion can not be removed with a fine emery cloth.
(6) Check the inside of liner for scratches, scuffing, and scoring. Replace liner that contains
scuffs or scores or that contains scratches that can be felt with a fingernail.
(7) Check the inside diameter for liner bore polishing. A light finish produces a bright mirror
finish in the worn area with traces of lubrite coating and the original hone marks remaining.
A moderate polish produces a bright mirror finish in the worn area with very light traces of the
original hone marks or an indication of an etch pattern. A heavy polish produces a bright
mirror finish in the worn area with no traces of hone marks or an etch pattern.
(8) Replace liner if a heavy polish is present over 20 percent of the piston rin travel area or if
30 percent has both moderate and heavy polish with 15 percent being heavy polish.


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