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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
provided for installation near the commode. After 9 minutes, a light on the Remote Status indicator is also
activated by the sensor command and the system is then automatically shut down.
Functional Description of Components. The component descriptions are listed in the order of flow.
Refer to FIGURE 1-1 for reference number key.
a. Treatment Tank (1). Provides space for sewage retention and treatment.
b. Waste Disposer Assembly (9). A garbage disposal type unit for shredding treated sewage.
Flow Pump (6). Moves the effluent from the treatment tank into the sedimentation modules.
d. Sedimentation Modules (4). Two sets of tanks for the filtration and settlement of suspended solids.
e. Sludge Return Pump (7).  Returns the settled sludge from the sedimentation modules to the
treatment tank for reprocessing.
Retention/Reduction Screen (12). Retains larger solids in the treatment tank until they are broken
down by the macerator and able to pass through and into the sedimentation modules.
g. Backwash Spray Nozzle (11). Washes the retention/reduction screen to prevent clogging by the
h. Backwash Solenoid Valve. Controls the backwash water while the system is processing or is in the
rest period. It is located on the underside of the unit beneath the treatment tank area (not shown in
Water Pressure Gauge. Indicates the pressure on the backwash water inlet line (not shown in
FIGURE 1-1). The gauge line located in the front of the unit is installed in the backwash water line
on the underside of the unit.
Bleach Storage Tank (3).  Provides storage for the disinfecting hypochlorite solution (common
household bleach). It is located separate from the unit and has a gravity feed for delivering the
bleach to the metering valve on the unit.
Chlorination (Bleach) Solenoid Valve.  Electrically operated valve (not shown in FIGURE 1-1)
controls delivery of bleach from tank to the unit. It operates only when the metering valve is open.
Bleach Metering Valve (5). Meters the required amount of hypochlorite solution (bleach) into the
treatment tank for disinfection of the effluent.
m. Remote Status Indicator. Indicates any motor malfunction or high level of sewage. This panel is
located in the engine room control center (not shown in FIGURE 1-1).


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