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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
Deprocessing Unpacked Equipment. After receipt and inspection of unpacked equipment, make
sure that all packing materials, temporary braces, masking tape, etc. are removed from the material before
Service Upon Receipt of Material. To ensure that the sanitation unit will be adequately inspected,
serviced, and operationally tested before it is subjected to normal everyday use, the following procedures are
required to be performed:
a. Preliminary Inspection.
Turn electrical power OFF to unit to prevent electrical shock.
(1) Visually inspect all components of the unit for signs of dents, deterioration, and broken parts.
(2) Check equipment mounting capscrews for tightness.
(3) Check all hose connections and fittings for tightness.
(4) Visually inspect for broken wiring.
(5) Check the condition and tightness of all electrical connections.
(6) Remove the treatment tank cover and inspect the interior carefully for loose debris in the
(7) Fill the unit with water and let stand for 10 minutes.
Check for leaks and correct as
(8) After completion of the above steps, the unit should now be ready for initial startup.
b. Modes of Operation. The sanitary unit operates in three modes: Continuous, Demand, and Disable.
The mode control panel is located in the control module assembly. All maintenance personnel and
operators must know the different modes of operation before starting, troubleshooting, or performing
maintenance functions.
(1) Continuous. In this mode, the unit operates continuously regardless of sewage level in the
treatment tank.
(a) The MODE toggle switch (2, FIGURE 2-1) should be in the CONT (continuous)
(b) The NORMAL/RESET/DISABLE switch (3) should be in the NORMAL position.


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