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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
(2) Demand. In this mode, the unit comes on when the treatment tank sensor senses sewage.
All pumps will operate for about 18 minutes or until the sewage process is complete.
(a) The MODE toggle switch (2, FIGURE 2-1) should be in the DEMAND position.
(b) The NORMAL/RESET/DISABLE DEMAND switch (3) should be in the NORM
(3) Disable. In this mode, the unit must be operated manually by the control module circuit
breaker. The NORMAL/RESET/DISABLE switch (3) should be in the "DISABLE" position.
Initial Startup. Prior to starting the unit for the first time, or after prolonged shutdown, the following
procedures are required.
Ensure that the vessel's primary circuit breaker and the control module circuit
breaker are in the OPEN (OFF) position at the start of these procedures.
Toxic and flammable vapors are generated in the sewage system.  Provide
ventilation from outside source before removing treatment tank covers.  Avoid
open flames and prolonged breathing of fumes.
(1) Remove treatment tank cover and gasket during initial startup (paragraph 2-11).
(2) Set the NORMAL/RESET/DISABLE switch (3, FIGURE 2-1) to the NORMAL position.
(3) Fill the chlorine (bleach) storage tank with bleach and check for leaks.
(4) Apply water pressure to the backwash water line.
(5) Open all sewage inlet and discharge valves.
(6) Set the MODE toggle switch (2, FIGURE 2-1) to the DEMAND position.
(7) Set the BACKWASH toggle switch (1) to the WITH position.


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