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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
The control module circuit breaker controls electric current to the pump motors
only. Power into the control module assembly must be interrupted/ controlled by
the vessel's primary circuit breaker.
(8) Turn vessel's primary power circuit breaker ON (TM 55-1905-223-10). The green POWER
ON indicator light on the Remote Status Indicator should now be lit (ON).
(9) Close the circuit breaker (1, FIGURE 2-2) on the control module front panel. The green
POWER ON light (2) on the control module 'should now be lit (ON).
(10) Flush commodes until the water level in the treatment tank starts the unit. This should be
about 10 seconds after the water comes in contact with the two longest sensing probes in the
tank (2, 3, FIGURE 2-3). If the water level in the tank reaches the short probe (1), the high
level warning light will be activated.  Do not continue to flush commodes under these
If the sanitation unit does not start, reset by placing the NORMAL/DISABLE-
RESET switch to the DISABLE-RESET position then back to the NORMAL
position. If the unit still does not start, refer to Table 2-2, Troubleshooting.
(11) When the unit has started, six red lights on the remote status indicator should flash in
sequence every 10 seconds.
(12) After the unit has started, it will run for about 18 minutes or until the sensing probes in the
treatment tank are uncovered. During this time the following run check should be performed.
(13) Run Check.
(a) Adjust the backwash pressure to 30 psi by adjusting the gate valve located on the
water inlet to the sanitary unit (TM 55-1905-223-10).
(b) Check all motors for proper operation.
Check for overheating of motors.
Check pump water connections for leaks and correct as necessary.


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