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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
Inspection of the sewage treatment unit assembly is accomplished through PMCS and maintenance
procedures. For initial inspection, start up, and run check, refer to paragraph 2-6.
a. Test the level sensor assembly (paragraph 2-19).
b. Test the centrifugal pump motors. The test procedures for testing the discharge, flow, and sludge
pump motors are the same. Refer to test procedures in paragraph 2-20.
Service to the Sewage Treatment Unit Assembly is accomplished through PMCS, Table 2-1.
SHOCK HAZARD. Make sure the electrical power to the unit is off to prevent
injury to personnel.
a. Turn electrical power to the unit OFF and tag.
b. Close external water supply valve to the backwash water line.
c. Disconnect all cable connectors (11, FIGURE 2-4) to the electrical junction box.
d. Open the junction box and do the following:
(1) Tag and disconnect all external wires to the junction box.
(2) Pull the external wires through the bottom of the junction box. Mark the locations where each
cable is removed so that it can be installed in the same connector on the new unit.


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