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TN 55-1905-223-24-11
Toxic and flammable vapors are generated in the sewage system.  Provide
ventilation from outside source before removing covers, drain plugs, hoses, and
fittings. Avoid open flames and prolonged breathing of fumes.
e. Plug all openings to the unit and the incoming lines as they are disconnected. Use appropriate pipe
plugs, caps, rags, or equivalent.
f. Disconnect vent connection (3) and plug the opening.
g. Close the bleach metering valve (5).
CHEMICAL HAZARD. Wear eye protection. Avoid excessive breathing of fumes.
h. Place a tubing clamp on the bleach line to the metering valve. Hold a container under the connection
to catch bleach runoff, and disconnect the bleach line from the metering valve.
i. Close the backwash gate valve on the unit at point (7). Disconnect the backwash water supply at the
j. Disconnect sewage inlet pipe (12) and plug the openings in the tank and in the inlet line.
k. Disconnect sewage discharge lne (8). Hold a container under the connection to catch any sewage
runoff while disconnecting. Plug openings.
l. Remove the mounting screws, nuts, and washers (10) from the base of the unit (9).
m. Connect a lifting fixture and straps to lifting eyes (2 and 4).
Stand clear during lifting operations to avoid personal injury.


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