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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
n. Hoist the treatment unit clear of its mounting and remove it from the compartment.
o. Clean all spills with disinfectant.
p. When the treatment unit has been removed to an outside location, remove the drain plug (6, FIGURE
2-4) and drain excess effluent into a portable container for disposal.
Toxic and flammable vapors are generated in the sewage system.  Provide
ventilation from outside source before removing treatment tank covers.  Avoid
open flames and prolonged breathing of fumes.
q. To remove the treatment tank cover:
(1) Remove 12 capscrews and washers (13) in the tank cover (1, FIGURE 2-4).
(2) Lift the cover and cover gasket from the tank. Discard gasket.
r. Clean and flush the unit with fresh water and disinfectant.
Repair to the sewage treatment unit assembly is by replacement of the treatment tank cover
gasket. Refer to the Removal and Replacement steps of this procedure.
Do not install the treatment tank cover and gasket until the unit has been installed
and inspected.
a. Attach the lifting fixture to lifting eyes (2 and 4, FIGURE 2-4) and lift the new sanitation treatment unit
into place on its mounting foundation.
b. Install mounting screws, nuts, and washers (10) in the base of the unit (9) and tighten to 34 ft-lb.


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