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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
c. Remove the lifting fixture.
d. Connect sewage discharge line (8, FIGURE 2-4).
e. Remove the temporary inlet plug and connect the sewage inlet pipe (12.
f. Connect the backwash water supply line (7).
Make sure the bleach metering valve is closed when connecting tubing.
g. Connect the bleach line (tubing) to the metering valve (5). Remove the clamp that was placed on the
tubing during the removal process.
h. Remove the temporary plug in the vent line and connect the vent pipe (3).
i. Apply teflon lubricant to the threads and install the drain plug (6).
j. Refer to tags and notes and run external wiring through the bottom connectors (11) n the junction box.
Make sure each cable is returned to the same location that it was removed from on the old unit.
Tighten connectors until snug.
k. Refer to tags and connect all wiring inside the junction box. Make sure each wire is connected to its
proper terminal.
l. Conduct preliminary inspection, startup, and run check (paragraph 2-6).
m. Install tank access cover gasket and cover (1).
(1) Make sure gasket surfaces are clean, and install the gasket.
(2) Position the cover and install the 12 capscrews and washers (13). Make sure the gasket stays
in position when installing the capscrews. Tighten capscrews to 31 ft-lb, using the sequence
shown in FIGURE 2-5.


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