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TN 55-1905-223-24-11
b. Position the gasket (1, FIGURE 2-8) on the sediment tank.
Make sure the gasket stays in position while replacing the cover.
c. The end of the vent pipe (3, FIGURE 2-8) must be placed in the flexible coupling when positioning the
cover. Position the cover (4) on the tank and gasket.
d. Install the six capscrews, nuts, and washers (2) in the cover. Tighten each capscrew finger-tight only.
e. Refer to FIGURE 2-7 and tighten capscrews in the sequence sho n to 31 ft-lb.
f. Tighten the clamp on the flexible coupling to 40 inch-pounds.
g. Install the end sediment tank cover (paragraph 2-12).
h. Open the backwash water supply valve.
i. Open the bleach metering valve.
j. Open external sewage inlet and outlet valves.
k. Restore electrical power, start the unit, and conduct run check (paragraph 2-6).
l. Clean spills with disinfectant.


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