Quantcast Figure 2-9. Screen Assembly (Inside Treatment Tank).

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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
Repair to the screen assembly is by replacement of the grommet fasteners, blind rivets, and wire fabric
screen. Refer to the removal and replacement steps in this procedure.
a. Place a new screen (1, FIGURE 2-9) in position. Attach the screen around the edges with 12 new
nylon rivet and grommet fasteners (2 and 3).
b. Replace the treatment tank gasket and cover (paragraph 2-11).
c. Open the external sewage outlet and inlet valves, the backwashwater supply valve, and the bleach
metering valve.
d. Restore electrical power.
e. Operate the unit and check cover and gasket for leaks. Correct as necessary.
f. Clean any spills with disinfectant.
Figure 2-9. Screen Assembly (Inside Treatment Tank).


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