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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
a. Apply Teflon lubricant to the pipe threads on the new sprinkler (1).
b. Make sure the sprinkler is properly adjusted towards the retention/ reduction screen (3, FIGURE 2-10)
when connecting the coupling.
c. Connect the sprinkler coupling (2).
d. Install the screen assembly (3) (paragraph 2-14).
e. Replace the treatment tank cover and gasket (paragraph 2-11).
f. Open the backwash inlet valve in the water line coming to the unit.
g. Open the sewage outlet and inlet valves in the external piping.
h. Open the bleach metering valve.
i. Restore electrical power.
j. Operate the unit and adjust the backwash water pressure gauge to 30 psi.
The backwash pressure gauge is located on the incoming water line to the unit


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