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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
Only the end treatment/sediment tank assembly is replaceable as a separate unit.
The mid tanks and main treatment tank are constructed as a part of the sewage
treatment unit.
a. Remove the anode/plug (9, FIGURE 2-11) and drain the sediment modules to their lowest level into a
portable container for disposal.
b. Flush and drain all four sediment tanks with fresh water and disinfectant.
c. Disconnect all piping/fittings from the underside of the end sediment tank assembly (8, 9, 10, FIGURE
d. Disconnect adapters (6, 7, 11, FIGURE 2-12) from inside of the sediment ta ks to remove fittings (3, 4,
5, 12).
The mid section tanks have the same internal and external piping fittings and may
be removed and replaced as required.
e. Remove the bolts, washers, and nuts (6, 7, 8, FIGURE 2-11) on the inside the framework base on each
side of the unit to detach the end sediment tank assembly.
f. Remove the mounting bolts, nuts, and washers (11, FIGURE 2-11) holding the assembly to its
mounting foundation.
g. Remove the end sediment tank assembly (5).
h. Disconnect the vent piping by unscrewing at point (3) and disconnect the adapter (2) to remove the
vent section (4) from the main treatment tank (1).
i. Disconnect the two hose clamps (2, FIGURE 2-12) to remove the flexible coupling (1).


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