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TM 55-1905-223-24-11
a. Replace adapters (6, 7, 11, FIGURE 2-12) and fittings (3, 4, 5, 12) in both sediment tank sections (end
and mid) if cracked or broken.
b. Replace the PVC fittings (8, 9, 10, FIGURE 2-12) on both sediment tank sections (end and mi ) if
cracked or broken.
c. Replace the flexible coupling (1, FIGURE 2-12) on the vent section if cracked or deteriorated.
d. Check the corrosion preventative anode/plug (9, FIGURE 2-11) to see how much zinc has been given
up to electrolysis.
The anode part of a new plug measures 2 in (length) by 0.750 in (diameter).
Replace the anode if it has deteriorated to one half or more of its original diameter.
PVC solvent and glue are toxic and flammable.  Provide adequate ventilation
before using. Avoid breathing of fumes. Do not use near flames or other open
Glued pipe joints must be cleaned with the PVC solvent/cleaner and glued with
PVC cement glue. Threaded fittings must have a Teflon pipe thread lubricant
applied to the threads when they are replaced.
a. Replace the vent section (4, FIGURE 2-11) as follows:
Glue any joint that requires gluing with PVC cement glue. Clean each joint with PVC
solvent/cleaner before gluing.
(a) Follow the directions provided with the solvent and the glue.


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